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Cucumber Salad


1 1/2 cups thinly sliced English cucumbers or pickles 1/4 cup thinly sliced red onion 1 cup thinly sliced pineapple or canned pineapple rings, drained and cut into bite sized pieces 1/4 cup Ying's Yum Yum Sauce 2 tablespoons Ying's Korean BBQ Marinade 1 tablespoon black sesame seeds


1. In a mixing bowl, combine cucumber, red oni

on and pineapple slices. Toss to mix.

2. In a separate bowl, mix Ying's Yum Yum Sauce with Korean BBQ Marinade. Drizzle the sauce over cucumber salad. Toss well.

3. Refrigerate the salad for at least 30 minutes. Sprinkle sesame seeds before serving.

Great to serve with Korean BBQ marinated grilled meat! I made Korean BBQ chicken with this salad. Delicious!

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