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Rave Reviews

See what people are saying about Ying's products.

“Ying, I just wanted to say thank you for making such AMAZING sauces...I have been looking for ways to spice up my nightly dinners. I saw you in our local hyvee and tried your sauces and they are phenomanal! Thank you for all the great online recipes they save the day every night, and my family LOVES it too”

-Mandy Vowels, IL

"Ying, I wanted to let you know that I recently followed your orange chicken recipe and made it with your orange sauce and it was absolutely delicious. My son could not get enough. His favorite food is chinese and when I made the chicken with your recipe he said we will make this over and over again. I wanted to thank you for sharing your recipe."

-Mrs. Keaty

"Hi, I just wanted to say that I love your bottled sauces. I make stir fry at home quite a bit and use my own sauce recipes because I try not to eat too many processed foods, but when I'm pressed for time, I have turned to bottled sauces. NONE have ever tasted "right" to me...until I bought your stir fry sauce. It was excellent! Last night I used the orange chicken sauce and got rave reviews from my family. Thanks for making such a delicious product that isn't loaded with unnecessary ingredients.


-Patti Turner

“I use Ying's Spicy Korean BBQ sauce to make my fried rice. The other night my boys told me they like my fried rice better than our favorite take out Chinese restaurant. ”

-Pam Johnson, Gurnee IL

" Some of the best sauces and marinades that I have had in a very very long time! Used the orange sauce as a marinade on pork chops and it was excellent! And the Kung Pao is amazing on chicken! "


"Ying, You truly have a gift for cooking. Your authentic asian sauces are out of this world! I'm amazed at how wonderful and full of flavor your products are. My family and I made a meal on the 4th (ribs with your kungpao sauce). Everyone was blown away. I look forward to trying more of your sauces."

-Emily, Minneapolis, MN

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