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The Master Behind the Brand

Passionate About Bringing Healthy Asian Meals to Every American Table

When Ying was growing up, she was known by her family and friends as a bad cook. They even joked about how she would be starving when she grew up, because she couldn't cook for herself! Once Ying discovered how truly easy is it to make crowd-pleasing, yet healthy Asian meals at home, she made it her mission to share these secrets with others. She founded Ying's Kitchen on the principle that Asian cooking is simple, and with a few tips and tricks, anyone can do it! 

Ying's journey to unlocking the secrets of Asian cooking began in northeastern mainland China, where she was born. She learned a lot about cooking from her father, who Ying says was “an excellent cook". After graduating from teacher’s college and teaching for a few years, she began a career as a travel agent for international tourists.

Traveling around the country afforded Ying the opportunity to experience the unique tastes the different regions of China have to offer. Her discoveries while traveling led Ying to begin teaching Asian cooking for community colleges, cooking schools and library programs across Midwest America. Over the years, she gained an ever-growing loyal following of students who loved her casual, fun teaching style.

Upon repeated student requests, Ying self-published her first cookbook "Ying's Chinese Cookbook, Authentic but Simple". Then in 2009, Ying began bottling the sauces that characterized her irresistible meals, and Ying's Kitchen was born! Like her cookbook, Ying’s Asian sauces went against the grain of traditional concepts of Asian cooking with their low-sodium content, healthy ingredients and ease of use.

Today, Ying's product line, now including 11 Asian sauces and Chinese-Style Batter Mix, is expanding to stores across the nation. The goal continues to be to equip busy American families with the tools they need to make healthy and delicious Asian meals at home. 

Check out our testimonials to learn more about what makes Ying's products unique!

Ying Stoller, President & Founder of Ying's Kitchen

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